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Passion for Pizza

Pizza is a global obsession. Craig Whitson, Tore Gjesteland, Mats Widen, and Kenneth Hansen, in their book Passion for Pizza, celebrate the people, the personalities, the stories, the pride and the passion behind a world full of great pizza. In this beautifully illustrated volume, the authors follow wherever the smell of great pizza has led them. They take us with them to Italy, introducing us to pizzaioli in places such as Naples, Rome, and Palermo. They explore the pizza of New York, Chicago, and other American cities where pizza is as essential as baseball and Mom´s apple pie. They visit the people who produce the cheeses, tomatoes, flour and other ingredients used in pizza making. You will also find interviews with oven-makers, consultants, professors, acrobats and journalists. This concoction of tales and history create the exciting story of pizza, and what a story it is! With more than 70 easy to follow recipes for individual pizzas and crusts, over 40 pizzeria profiles and 20 profiles of the people behind the pizza, it is the authors’ wish that this book will inspire home cooks to make great pizza in their own kitchens – with the Pizza Angels at their side.

Craig Whitson, Tore Gjesteland, Mats Widen, and Kenneth Hansen have combined their experience and accomplishments in cooking, photography, art, and design to create Passion for Pizza. Cookbook author, grill meister, former restaurateur, Craig Whitson, won the “Gladmatprisen” award (the “food person” of the year at Norway´s largest food festival) in 2003. He is the author of six cookbooks, including “Far lukter svidd” (“Dad´s on Fire”), chosen as one of the 10 best cookbooks ever published in Norway. Tore Gjesteland is the owner of the Jonas B. Gunderson restaurants, and has received a total of 6 gold medals in the HSMAI marketing competition (Hospitality Service Management Association International). Mats Widen’s photography has been published in more than 10 cookbooks. Mats did the photography for Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac, which was a winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2001, and was also a prize winner in Norway for best photo and design. Kenneth Hansen was the designer for Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac as well as several other titles with the Bølgen & Moi team. He also operates his own company Blaane Guiding Great Brands AS, where he serves as the Senior Creative Director/Art Director.

Passion for Pizza is not only a cookbook and a history book, but a tribute to the people and places that put this dish at the top of global restaurant favorites!


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“Passion for Pizza reaches deep into the heart and soul of pizza makers from around the world. One of the finest, most groundbreaking books ever written about pizza and its industry.”

Tony Gemignani

authof of The Pizza Bible

“The best pizza makers tell stories like they make pizzas: They sprinkle the finest ingredients with love and patience until they come together in the most satisfying way. This book overflows with that spirit. It´s smart, funny, and strangely touching – and I devoured every bite.”

Jeff Ruby

author of Everybody Loves Pizza

“The authors showcase their passion for pizza in this intimate, behind the scenes tale about great artisanal pizza makers in Italy and America. Stepping into this world, one can almost taste their dedication to craft. You´ll want to take a year off to visit each one.”

Jonathan Goldsmith

owner, Spacca Napoli